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Home Automation allows you to have complete control over the disparate electrical, mechanical, entertainment, and security assets in your home. We place these systems on to a single control platform by Crestron or Universal Remote Control. These manufacturers represent the very finest automation products on the planet and we have something for every budget range.

Home Automation...

Saves Energy

Strenghthens Security

Beautifies Your Home

Automates Everyday Tasks

Saves You Time

Manages Your Home from Anywhere

What can I control?

  • Automated Lighting

    We carry a wide range of lighting products from Crestron, Lutron, and URC. When combined with shading products from Crestron and Lutron, the power you have over your home's lighting is astounding. In a typical home, a light is controlled manually by a person. With automated lighting, that light can turn and off by a timer or astronomical time clock, by a mobile app or keypad from anywhere in the world, in concert with other lighting in the home with preset scenes, or triggered by the security system to shed a little light on a would-be thief.


    The possibilities with automated lighting are endless. Your kids leave the lights on upstairs? An "all off' button makes sure you're not wasting energy when the family heads off to dinner. How about a vacation mode that randomly controls lighting while you are out of town so your home appears occupied? We could go on and on about

  • Automated WIndow Treatments

    We carry window solutions by Crestron, Lutron and BTX. We offer motorized shades, drapery track, and blinds. We have a multitude of custom fabrics to choose from or you can use your own. By automating window coverings, you maximize security and privacy, take advantage of natural light to save energy, and protect rugs and furniture from harmful UV.


    For a media room, a blackout shade can automatically lower when you press the "movie" scene to provide a pitch black room during daylight hours. This is especially helpful during those summer months when it's sunny well into the night. Lots of "budget" companies advertise automated shades. We won't cost you a penny more and you'll get the added benefit of being able to integrate your window treatments with your lighting and other controls.

  • Climate Control

    You probably already realize the benefits of programmable thermostats. Every HVAC contractor offers them or you can pick one up at your local home center. For the same money, you can get one from us BUT we offer custom programming that actually makes the "programmable" part easy for any customer to understand. Plus, you aren't limited to only accessing our thermostats from a mobile app.


    We offer touchpanels you can place in your home that become hubs of control to not only see and control every thermostat in the home but also see status of lighting, security, entertainment and more!

  • Security

    Of course, with our systems you'll be able to access your alarm system and camera feeds from the same touchpanels and mobile app that controls the rest of your home. That's convenient, but your security gets way more effective because it shares the same platform as other systems in your home. Imagine you're out of town and it's 11pm. A burglar breaks a window and instead of just a siren sounding and him doing the "grab and go"- he is surprised by the fact that all the lights come on 100%, the landscape lights flash, all the window shades open, the music system broadcasts a message that he is being captured on surveillance cameras, and you get a text letting you know your alarm is tripped allowing you to immediately view your cameras and even speak to the intruder in real time. What, the intruder is gone? We thought so!

  • Music Throughout the House

    The benefits of music throughout the house are pretty well known. Speakers in the bathroom pump out your favorite "morning" playlist; speakers in the kitchen make doing the dishes somewhat tolerable; speakers in the dining room play some Nat King Cole for that Christmas dinner; and speakers on the back patio play your favorite music while you relax with a beer on a pretty day.


    We think everything goes better with music and it's more convenient than ever to enjoy anywhere you are. Multiple users can access their own music simultaneously throughout the house or a Party Mode can turn on all zones at once to a pre-defined level.


    Now, any technology company could give you that and some folks may even be handy enough to order their gear and "DIY" their music system. I'm here to tell you that there are some tricks to music systems that will help you get the most out of yours and we know them. We work with literally hundreds of products for music systems and each of them have their own specialized place. "One size fits all" may not be right for you.


    Lastly, we have shown in each of the categories how these disparate systems work together and house music is no different. That awesome set of speakers in your back porch or bedroom celing is far better than your TV's speakers so why not integrate them together to improve your entertainment experience? We can show you how!

  • Distributed Video

    Let's say you have six TV's throughout the house. Imagine being able to view surveillance cameras, cable TV, Apple TV, and Blu-Ray on any of those six TV's without having any equipment at any of the TV's. Now, you understand distributed video.


    Distributed Video cleans up your home by placing all the equipment in a single centralized location. Additionally, because everything is on a single integrated control platform, every room works exactly the same with one touch simplicity. And of course ALL the remotes disappear along with the ugly wires.


    Because the video gear sits in the same "communications closet" as your music gear, it's a no brainer to use those awesome music speakers for your TV's sound as well. And don't forget we have all the cool tricks to make your TV installs aesthetically cleaner and more comfortable to view too!

  • Surveillance Cameras

    Integrating surveillance cameras makes all the sense in the world for numerous reason. Let's look at just a couple of them: Let's say you have a camera fixed on your front door and it picks up motion. How about we automatically turn on the porch lights to 100% just for good measure? We might scare off a burglar and certainly will provide better light for the camera to see him in.


    In example #2, you are watching a movie upstairs in your awesome new theater room and you hear a sound outside. You can see your cameras on the same handheld remote control you change channels with!

  • Intercom

    While some of you may like to yell at your kids to come eat dinner, for the rest of you we have an elegant alternative. Communicate using the same touchpanel on the wall that you use to control the other systems we have discussed. Many Touchpanels have a camera and microphone built into them so put one in the playroom to talk to the kids and see what they are doing at the same time!

  • Doors and Gates

    Integrating doors and gates have enormous benefits. Simple things like giving your mother in law her own door code and getting a text when she enters your home. How about being able to unlock the door for the delivery men while you're at the office? And of course you can watch, hear, and talk to them through the surveillance system. When they leave, a button locks the door again and ensure the alarm system is armed.

  • There's more?

    Yes, use your imagination to integrate anything you like. Pool & spa, appliances, irrigation, and more can be integrated on a single control platform.

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Our flagship solution, Crestron is widely considered the finest automation product in the world. It's used at the headquarters of both Apple and Microsoft. It's used in virtually every Fortune 500 boardroom. You'll find it in hospitals and universities as well as government buildings such as The Pentagon. Are we name-dropping? Of course! No other manufacturer comes close to the range and reliability of Crestron's line. What about houses? Most definitely, from Mark Zuckerburg's house to The White House. We are confident it's a great fit in yours as well!

Coming in at a lower price point than Crestron, we still keep our standards high. Universal Remote Control is synonymous with the category like Kleenex and Band Aid. These guys have made the remotes for many TV service provider's set top boxes for years. We like the quality a source manufacturer like this achieves and we have offered URC for their bullet-proof reliabilty versus brands like RTI, Harmony, and other "Universal Remotes" for many years. With their Total Control products, we have a logical alternative to Crestron. Compare URC's Total Control to Control4 and Elan and we think you'll easily choose URC.

Lutron is a well known brand for good reason. They invented the light dimmer in 1961 and no company has matched their achievements in the area of controlling lighting. Back in the 90's there were quite a few integrators installing Lutron. Competing products and a couple of recessions have left but one old guard dealer in Memphis and we are proud to be the one. If you have an older Lutron system, look no further for service and upgrades.

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