A Bespoke Speaker Series From The 901


Designed and built right here in Memphis by A/V Artistry, the Master Artist series of loudspeakers are truly custom in every respect. We offer soundbars, in-wall speakers, and freestanding LCR's. Built using the finest Dynaudio drivers and integral digital signal processing (DSP), the Master Artist delivers a dynamic and thrilling cinema experience as well as the accuracy and detail that great music demands. At a price HALF that of local competitor's flagship speakers, the Master Artist represents a superior value for luxury homeowners and enthusiasts. All of the Master Artist speakers below can be auditioned today at the A/V Artistry Design Studio. Call 373-2444 to make an appointment or email us at info@avartistry.com for more information.


Master Artist Michelangelo Custom In-Wall


Named after the artist known for brilliant fresco painting, these speakers also become an integral part of a wall. Rivaling the performance of virtually any freestanding speaker, the Michelangelo is essentially the same build as our freestanding LCR, yet reimagined for a recessed cavity. The Michelangelo shallow-depth 15" subwoofer delivers deep, thunderous bass without compromise. Because the line is totally custom, the subs and in-walls can also be used in an on-wall or in-room configuration or a combination of designs.


Master Artist Van Gogh LCR


At the first listening session, system designer Chris Rogers described this sound as "violent and intense". These must surely be the Van Gogh. They convey passion and energy, and high SPL, while maintaining clarity and a non-fatiguing top end. Concert levels can be achieved without a headache which means you won't want to cut off your ear like their namesake! Movies deliver "you are there" realism that will send shivers down your spine. Bottom line is these speakers are just a pure masterpiece in sound. Designed for large rooms, they are perfect for perforated cinema screens in a dedicated home theater (above).


Master Artist Rembrandt Soundbar


Perfect execution. Words that describe the Dutch master as well as our new soundbar. Each is custom built to precisely match the width and depth of your TV. Wrapped in your choice of vinyl or leather, any color can be chosen to match the TV or wall color. Guilford of Maine acoustic fabric can be chosen in any color and texture to complete the perfect look. Made with high quality Dynaudio drivers, the Rembrandt is available in a wireless powered version as well as a wired non-powered enclosure. To take advantage of its magnificent sound, The Rembrandt can be tied into your music system as well as your TV. The wireless powered version allows streaming directly from your mobile device. This has never been done before and establishes a new standard of excellence for soundbars at a price that is considerably less than  the complete system typically necessary to achieve this level of performance.