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Outdoor living spaces are places for relaxing, playing, and entertaining. Entertainment is a vital part of these areas and nobody does outdoor entertainment better than Audio Video Artistry. When planning an outdoor space, there are some key areas to consider to get the most out of your space.

Fast & Reliable WiFi Access


Music & TV Sound

Outdoor TV & Video

Lighting Control

Surge Protection

  • WiFi & Networking

    Whether you are accessing the internet from your phone or streaming music to your pool speakers, solid internet performance can be the difference between a pleasant experience outside and a frustrating one. Our enterprise-class networking products keep you focused on the fun no matter the coverage area.

  • Surveillance

    You'll want to consider surveillance cameras for your outdoor space. Pools mean children who need an eye kept on them at all times. Pools also mean potential accidents and cameras can help in avoiding lawsuits. Of course, nice outdoor spaces also mean potential for theft and cameras can be a great deterrent to would be thieves. We can also integrate camera motion sensors with house lighting controls to keep all areas well lit when necessary.

  • Sound for Music & TV

    No outdoor space is complete without music. Forget that wimpy bluetooth speaker! Get incredible sound quality with our wide range of speaker options specifically for outdoor spaces. Localize the sound where you need it with in-ceiling speakers for covered patios and multi-satellite speakers for the pool area. We have weatherproof speakers for your grilling area and even speakers that look like rocks and planters. Subwoofers can be a great addition as well for nice deep bass. Plus, all the new wireless options get sound where you need it without costly retrofit.

    Read more about our outdoor speaker choices HERE

  • TV & Video

    Our solutions for outdoor video include fully weatherproof products as well as neat tricks for getting the most life out of non-weatherized televisions. We have large projection as well for outdoor movie nights and fall football. We offer simple control via mobile device or waterproof remote.  Read more HERE

  • Lighting Control

    Landscape lighting, porch lights, garage sconces and other exterior lighting are generally NOT controlled from a single place. A switch here and there and a timer or motion sensor usually mean your outdoor lights aren't working in unison. With our controlled lighting solutions, we give you astronomical timeclock functionality with all exterior lighting as well as complete manual control from a single location such as your mobile phone. Cameras can trigger lighting at 100% to scare off criminals and to illuminate recordings. An alarm system can trigger lights to make your house easier for police and fire personnel to find. Plus, outbuildings and pergolas with local light switches can be easily controlled from your main house.  Lighting control is a great addition to your home's exterior.

  • Surge Protection

    All too often, homeowners forget about surge protection. Anything connected outdoors can be a source for overvoltage to make its way into your home. Video lines, speaker wires, and other connected devices should be protected against surge.  Although nothing can totally protect against direct lightning, we have solutions that are guaranteed should anything ever happen. You may ask, isn't this what homeowners insurance is for? Remember that surges are constantly occuring. It's only the big ones that take gear out. But the little ones do steady damage that can rob equipment of years of service and cost performance in the process.  The rule is if it's connected outside of your walls, it needs surge protection.

Navigating The Types Of Outdoor Speakers

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