Your TV above the fireplace strains your neck because it's too high. But it's the perfect place to locate the TV in your room. If only someone made a mount that would enable the TV to extend out beyond the mantel and lower down to a comfortable height when you are watching it. Well...they do!


Call Audio Video Artistry and ask for our new mount that lowers that expensive TV a whopping 26 inches to the height it was designed to be viewed at. Neck strain is reduced or eliminated and that's worth it's weight in gold. But you won't need that much gold because it starts at $759.

DETAILS: With a 125 pound weight capacity, the recessed version of this mount is sized to accommodate up to a 75" television. Because the bulk of the mechanism is recessed in the wall when fully retracted, it only stands off the wall 1.1 inches, making a nice clean look with today's ultra-thin TV's. When lowered, it can clear a 13" mantel easily. Price: $881 plus shipping. A motorized version will be available Fall 2017 and we are taking pre-orders for this version now. Pricing TBD. Note that if you are building a home we have some guidelines the builder will want to keep in mind when framing the fireplace to make the final installation look its best.

A SURFACE MOUNT VERSION is also available. This is perfect for masonry and stone fireplaces and for stud walls that don't provide a centered 14.5" space. At $759 plus shipping, this version also accommodates a 125 pound 75" TV but it has the added benefit of a full 31.8" downward travel. Plus, it can clear a 16" deep mantel. Because it is surface mounted, it stands 4.6" off the wall fully retracted. When used with a new low-profile TV, this will still be very attractive and can even provide a hiding place for cable boxes and streaming devices. A motorized version of this mount will also be available. Pre-orders are being accepted now.


Call Chris Rogers or Brad Parsley at (901) 373-2444 today for more information